The CeBER Team fills in new spaces

23 Aug 2019 - 10:30
Thanos Kotsiopoulos presenting at a CeBER Deep Science discussion
Thanos is the first CeBER Deputy Director

Now that CeBER’s Director has taken up the task of driving Research and Internationalisation for the whole of UCT, those of us in the day-to-day CeBER space need to rearrange ourselves and engage with new challenges.  We are all excited to see Thanos Kotsiopoulos take up task of coordinating our research teams – very gracious of him considering his already busy life of research and supervision. 

Thanos, who had been associated with CeBER as a postgraduate student, became a Post-Doc Researcher with CeBER in 2013, moving into the Research Officer position as it became available.  He researches in biohydrometallurgy and ARD prevention and is our go-to person for modelling. His incisive thinking makes him an excellent discussion leader, and his humble approach builds up those around him.

Thank you, Thanos, for accepting this huge responsibility.