CeBER Publish in Hydrometallurgy Journal

10 Mar 2017 - 12:00


Volume 168, March 2017, Pages 1–6

"Insight into solute and microbial transport in heap (bio)leaching systems using residence time distribution" - Govender-Opitz, E., Kotsiopoulos, A., Fagan-Endres, M. & Harrison, S.T.L.

  • Bulk flowing solution facilitated initial rapid advection-dispersion of tracer.
  • Established stagnant interstitial solution necessary for transport by advection
  • Concentration gradient shown to be driving force for solute exchange between phases
  • Agglomeration of inoculum increased retention of microbial tracer within ore bed.
  • Further colonisation of ore bed dependant on hydrodynamic properties of solution