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Post-Doctoral Research Fellows

Dr Tynan Marais

.Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Bioremediation of sulphate-rich mine water toward elemental sulphur recovery
Microbially mediated carbonate precipitation applied to dust suppression

Research interests - I have an active interest in the practical application of Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering research. I am currently involved in a research project aimed at improving the understanding of complex, mixed microbial communities associated with bioprocess systems for remediation of industrial wastewaters.

In refereed Journals                          3                                
Presented at International Conferences    2             
Technical Reports                             1              

Professional History

2019-current         University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa, Centre for Bioprocess Engineering Research
                        Position: Post-Doctoral Research Fellow


2014-TBA             University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa, (CeBER)
                            Degree: PhD Bioprocess Engineering
Title: A novel semi-passive process for sulphate removal and elemental sulphur recovery centred on a hybrid linear flow channel reactor
                        Supervisors:   Prof Sue Harrison, Dr Rob van Hille and Dr Rob Huddy
2013                  University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa, Institute for Microbial Biotechnology and Metagenomics 
                        Degree: BSc Honours Biotechnology (Cum laude)
                        Title: Isolation of bioactive actinobacteria from medicinal fynbos
                        Supervisors: Dr Bronwyn Kirby and Prof Marla Tuffin
2010-2012       University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa
                        Degree: BSc Biotechnology
                      Majors: Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology