Post-Doctoral Research Fellows

Dr Caryn Horn

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Fungal pigment production
Scale up of novel bioprocesses for production of fine chemicals

Through my studies I have developed an interest in the role of microbes in industry, including food, beverage and medical applications. My PhD research project was focused on the production of natural colourants by filamentous fungi and included the investigation of the impact of medium and cultivation conditions on production rates and yields. Postdoctoral research will involve scale up of a range of bioprocesses, investigating scaling factors and providing insight into process design. This will include natural pigment products as well as other novel products such as probiotics or vaccines.

Professional History

2020                 Postdoctoral Research Fellow


2014, 2015           NRF Scarce skills bursary
2013                  NRF Innovation bursary, Prof. CJ Theron bursary


2014 - 2020         Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering - Under examination
2013                  Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Wine biotechnology
2010 - 2012          Bachelor of Science Microbiology, Genetics