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The Centre for Bioprocess Engineering Research is well resourced with laboratories in two state-of-the art engineering buildings on UCT's upper campus. These labs are subdivided into different sections that contain Mineral Bioprocessing, Bioenvironmental, Bioreactors, Tissue & Mammalian Cell Culture, Microcalorimetry, Down Stream Processing, Preparatory and Analytical lab spaces. There are a range of bioreactor systems, from the 300 ml to 80 litre scale which include stirred tanks, bubble columns, airlift reactors, packed beds and raceway geometries. The Centre has also established an outdoor pilot-scale algal cultivation facility consisting of novel photobioreactors and 2000 L raceway ponds. A molecular biology facility is available for microbial ecology and basic protein studies; there are analytical facilities that support the process engineering laboratory; and there is cell recovery and separation equipment which allows for integrated studies. Furthermore, access to specialist tomography equipment (ERT, PEPT, X-ray), mineralogical analysis and particle characterisation is provided.