Technical & Administrative Staff

Lesley Mostert

Science Writer and Curator

Writing and Editing
Research Data Management
Creation of Datasets
Other Publication Types
Bioprocessing for Sanitation
Waste Biorefineries

I am not strictly a researcher; however, I do have research interests. I am interested in dissemination of ideas and information, which in this context is the research of CeBER. I am also interested in the research process. I try to keep learning in the area of writing and other forms of presentation. I seek to be in touch with trends in academic dissemination.

In terms of the technical bioprocess engineering space, I have a deep interest in the nexus of social, environmental, technical and economic questions and outcomes. I follow the research in biorefineries with an emphasis on the circular economy. I am also very motivated by the needs and opportunities in sanitation and water. 

Professional History

2015-Present            Science Writer and Curator, CeBER, University of Cape Town, SA
2012-2014                PA, CeBER, University of Cape Town, SA
2007-2011                Research, Coaching, Training and Communications, Serving Strangers, SA
2003-2006               National Director, OMF International, Southern Africa
1988-2001                Personnel Development and Communications, OMF International, Thailand
1983-1984                Design Engineer, Caltex Oil Refinery, Cape Town, SA


2003                        MTh (Missiology) University of Stellenbosch, SA
1987                         PG Diploma (Mission) All Nations College, UK
1982                         BSc (Eng) (Chem) University of Cape Town, SA

In the past, my love for people, education and theology has led her across the globe where she has lived in Namibia, the UK and Thailand. Crossing cultures and languages is a high value for me. Today we find ourselves settled in Cape Town where my husband and I spend their spare time in nature, creating art and coordinating workshops among Christian groups.