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CeBER Seminar 2016 #9: Mr Jon Minster

CeBER Seminar 2016 #9: Mr Jon Minster
Mr Jon Minster

CeBER Seminar 2016 #9

Date: 6th May

Guest Speaker: Mr Jon Minster

Jon Minster arrived in Chemical Engineering on Friday 6th May to give our engineers an interlude from science as he introduced us to the double helix of the written word and photography that have formed the tight strand of his career as an editor and photo-journalist. Having completed his masters in creative writing from UCT in 2012, Jon has gone on to work as a professional magazine editor for Media 24 Lifestyle magazines, specifically their “Go” publication which has taken him to locations local and foreign; from as confined as the Wolfberg cracks in the Cederberg, to the depths of the Fish River Canyon and as far-off as Egypt, Zanzibar and India. In his seminar to CeBER, Jon illustrated his time as a travel-journalist to us by sharing his photographs and some of the stories (and trials) that accompanied them. He challenged all of us to reconsider how and when we write and to look for new opportunities to share our expertise with the world by using visual communication and simplifying our more complex academic musings by “writing a right thing.”