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CeBER Seminar 2016 #6: Muya Koloko

Muya Koloko
Muya Koloko

CeBER Seminar 2016 #6

Date: 1st April

Guest Speaker: Muya Koloko

In this CeBER seminar Muya Koloko, a PhD student in the Department of Psychology at UCT, took us away from bioprocess engineering and into the field of child psychology and video game violence.  Muya’s Masters and PhD research investigated children’s responses to violence in video games by interviewing groups of children and observing them play video games.  His preliminary studies, during his Masters research, included investigating whether playing violent video games on motion capture controls like those on the Nintendo Wii had a larger effect on support for violence than the more traditional controls found on most consoles.  His current PhD work aims to see what children think video game violence is and how they respond to it. It also aims to compare the children’s approval of violence in games and real life.  His studies so far reveal that children feel different about the violence in their games and acting violently in real life, and appear uninfluenced by the games.  His work highlighted that the narrative of video games often paint unrealistic or extreme circumstances that help separate games from real life.