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CeBER Seminar 2016 #2: Dr Nadja Kunz & Matthew Bliss

Dr Nadja Kunz
Dr Nadja Kunz

CeBER Seminar 2016 #2

Date: 12th February 2016

Guest Speakers: Dr Nadja Kunz & Matthew Bliss

Dr Nadja Kunz is a water specialist at IFC (International Finance Corporation), an organisation offering investment, advisory and asset management services for private sector development in developing countries and emerging markets.  Dr Kunz explained that issues relating to water have significant impacts on development projects and can lead to the suspension of progress.  For this reason her role at IFC includes generating tools for water management and water risk profiling.  In her PhD research Dr Kuntz demonstrated the importance of systems models and systemic thinking for water management in the mining sector.  This means stepping back from the details of the mining processes to have a high level view with broader boundaries.  This provides a more inclusive picture to understand and mitigate water related issues.  She uses systemic thinking in her current work, including work in the Gobi area in Mongolia, where there has been a mining boom in a water-scarce region.  Her water management strategies at IFC include links between communities, government policy and mining projects.

Matthew Bliss, from the International Water Association, also gave a brief talk on management and mitigation of water issues related to the mining sector.