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CeBER Seminar 2016 #1: Dr Robert Huddy

Dr Robert Huddy
Dr Robert Huddy

CeBER Seminar 2016 #1

Date: 5th February 2016

Guest Speaker: Dr Robert Huddy

Dr Rob Huddy, Research Officer at CeBER, presented his work on metagenomics for understanding mixed microbial cultures in bioprocesses.   This work is in collaboration with the University of California.  Thiocyanate-rich effluent from the processing of refractory gold ores is treated using the ASTERTM (Activated Sludge Tailing Effluent Remediation) process.  Dr Huddy showed the diverse composition of microbial communities present in the ASTER process, and their function in degrading thiocyanate and cyanide.  This work will inform decisions relating to process optimisation for treating this hazardous waste from the mining industry.