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Associated Researchers


Dr Melinda Dunnett (Griffiths)

Maternity Leave
Previously Managing Director at Green Create Nutra Ltd, Mauritius
Research Officer with CeBER Algal biotechnology and commercial Spirulina production till 2014

Dr Rob van Hille

Principal Consultant
Environmental and Engineering Services at The Moss Group
Previously Senior Research Officer, CeBER, UCT
Biological sulphate reduction

Dr Caryn Fenner

Technical Director at Afrigen Biologics
Area of interest and collaboration with CeBER: Bioprocess development for vaccine production

Dr Madelyn Johnstone-Robertson

Senior Scientist: Fermentation Upstream Processing at The Biovac Institute
Area of interest and collaboration with CeBER: Vaccine research and development



Dr Chris Bryan



Dr Jo Burgess


Dr Sarah Jones

Venture Manager at Creative Destruction lab, U.K.
Previously Licensing and Ventures Manager, Oxford University Innovation