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Preparatory and Service Laboratory

The preparatory and service laboratory are equipped with shared and communal equipment, including autoclaves (sterilisers), balances (top load and analytical), pH and redox meters, heating magnetic stirrers, drying ovens, desiccators, and two high-speed centrifuges.

The many colours of bioreaction flasks in a shaking incubator
Flasks in a Shaker

This area contains equipment for constant temperature work, including shaking and static incubators. There are two 6 m2 walk-in constant temperatures rooms which are maintained at +30oC and +37oC respectively. There is also a walk-in fridge (at +4°C), and a walk-in freezer (at -20°C). The -60˚C and -80˚C chest freezers are used for storage of microbial cultures and cell extracts.

Two water purification systems generate Type II deionised water necessary for laboratory experiments; these are manufactured by Millipore and Elga.