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CeBER Laboratory Facilities

The CeBER Laboratories are equipped to support research across a wide range of bioprocess and related fields. The laboratories are divided into areas dedicated to different areas of bioprocess research:

algal bioprocessing laboratory

Algae in aerated Schott bottles

clean environment laboratory

biohydrometallurgy laboratory

Colourful biohydrometallurgy solutions

bioreactor laboratory

bioprocess allied units laboratory

Centrifuging test tubes

bioenvironmental laboratory

Drawing a sample from an LFCR used for studying remediation

The laboratories are equipped with either extraction fume-hoods or biosafety cabinets (laminar air-flow units). The laboratories are accredited to conduct laboratory research work involving micro-organisms. Certain specialised equipment in other research group laboratories is used in CeBER research from time to time.

CeBER Laboratories include areas dedicated to the equipment required for analysis of the bioprocesses which form the focus of studies. These are divided into different support areas:

bioanalytical units

molecular laboratory

Molecular Laboratory

service laboratory

Erlenmeyer flasks en route to the incubator-shakers

imaging facilities

CeBER also has access to the services of the departmental Analytical Laboratory and some analytical equipment housed in other research group laboratories.

An additional aspect of CeBER’s research options are upscaling-scaling facilities. These are housed both in the building and in the CeBER Greenhouse, and include:

bioprocess platform

Bioprocess Platform with pilot-scale bioreactor and instrumentation

algal raceway platform

Microscope view of microalgae

soil and macroplant greenhouse

Eragrostis Teff growing in the Macroplant & Soil Facility

CeBER has two storerooms, one each for ore and laboratory consumables, including laboratory glassware and chemicals.

using a scoop for collecting an ore sample from the CeBER store

CeBER also shares the departmental gas, waste and ore stores.

Moving ore into the ore and gas store at UCT Chem Eng