Academic & Research Staff

Muven Naidoo

Junior Lecturer & PhD Candidate

Process technologies for the recovery of biobutanol via in-situ and ex-situ separation

My research interests are as follows: Bioprocess Engineering: Bioreactor Technology, Fermentation, Separations Technology; Biofuels and Renewable Energy; Process Modelling

In refereed Journals                                   4                                
Presented at International Conferences     2             
Technical Reports                                      1                                 

Professional History

2018-Present           Lecturer for multiple undergraduate and postgraduate courses including the subjects of Process Synthesis & Equipment Design, Engineering Drawing, Project Management, Bioprocess Engineering Principles, Mass and Energy Balances


In Progress              PhD (Chemical Engineering), UCT. Thesis title: Process Technologies for the Recovery of Biobutanol via in-situ and ex-situ separation
2015                        BSc (Eng) Chemical Engineering UKZN

Muven’s dream is to provide easy access to clean sources of renewable energy to South Africa and the World.  Muven is a dreamer, gamer and DIY enthusiast whose gusto has led him to participate in Engineers without Borders where he served as Project Leader for the Solar Stirling Engine Project.