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Catherine Edward

Lecturer & PhD Student

Inhibition kinetics of biooxidation microorganisms

My research interests lie predominantly in the application of biomining techniques for recovery of metals from mineral sulphides as well as waste materials (electronic waste) via. exploitation of the metabolism of iron- and sulphur-oxidising organisms to liberate precious metals or solubilise base metals.

In refereed Journals                                   2                                    
In refereed Conference Proceedings          3                                    
Presented at International Conferences     8                

Professional History

2020                         Next Generation Resources – Organisation committee member
2019 - present         Lecturer – CHE2005W (2nd semester design project); CHE4068F (course convenor); CHE3068F (course convenor); CHE5070Z
2015 - present         Brewing UCT
2018                        Biohydrometallurgy Summer School - Lecturer
2018                        Senior Teaching Assistant – CHE4045Z
2017 - 2019             Assistant Lecturer – CHE3068S
2014 - 2016            Senior Teaching Assistant – CHE4049F


2019                        URC travel grant
2016                        UCT travel grant


Present                    PhD. Title: Impact of thiocyanate on biooxidation microorganisms
2013                        BSc Chemical Engineering (UCT)